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How do Christians cope with eroding religious freedoms and increased hostility to the Gospel? How do Christians maintain a salt and light presence in a dark and corrupt world? In “Living like a Lamb Among 21st Century Wolves,” my friend Paul Estabrooks explores the answers to these questions by closely examining God’s Word coupled with his vast experience serving persecuted Christians. The knowledge gained by walking with those who suffer for righteousness makes Paul the ideal person to help tackle the issues of faith under pressure. As Christians, we can live productive and successful lives here on earth by balancing grace and truth, a missing ingredient in practical discipleship. Thank you, Paul, for this timely and essential teaching. – Floyd A Brobbel, CEO, Voice of the Martyrs Canada

This is a must-read for those who want to be effective for God’s Kingdom in this hour! – Greg Musselman, Minister at Large, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada and co-host, 100 Huntley Street.

This book is a winner!…It contains transformative life lessons for all who read it. – Dr. Jim Cunningham, Executive Director, Go Teach Global and Radio Teacher on MEN ALIVE.

I have just finished reading your book “Living like a Lamb” and I was very impressed with all the research you did to write it.  What a lot of work.  I enjoyed it so much I could hardly put it done.  Also, I did learn much about Christian behaviour and how we need to know God’s Word to follow His teaching.  Well done.  – JF, reader

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    About Paul

    Paul Estabrooks has completed thirty-eight years of ministry among Persecuted Christians with Open Doors.

    Paul is a storyteller and loves to share the joys and triumphs as well as the challenges of members of the part of the body we call the Persecuted Church. Over the past forty plus years, he has distributed Bibles, brought encouragement, training and other assistance to Christians living in areas where they are persecuted or are restricted in living out or sharing their faith…encouraging them to reach out to others around them.

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    Paul Has Written Seven Published Books (and many booklets)
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