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This is such an important book for the followers of Jesus, especially in the West. It helps us to better understand the challenges and battles we are facing and how we can not only survive, but thrive and demonstrate the grace of God, but not compromise the truth in a broken and hostile world. Paul draws from his many years of serving the persecuted church and the important lessons he has learned along the way. This is a must-read for those who want to be effective for God’s Kingdom in this hour!

Greg Musselman, Minister at Large, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

This book is a winner! Paul’s years of conferring with Christians in regions of persecution grants him valuable biblical insights for how Christian lambs can endure and be victorious among 21st Century wolves. As a kindred spirit friend for over 60 years, we have shared many travels and teaching ministries together. I can confirm that Paul not only writes about grace and truth, but he also models what he believes, to his family, friends, and totalitarian border guards!  His book contains transformative life lessons for all who read it.

Jim Cunningham, Ed.D. – Executive-Director of Go Teach Global; Radio Teacher for MEN ALIVE; and International Consultant in Adult Education.

How do Christians cope with eroding religious freedoms and increased hostility to the Gospel? How do Christians maintain a salt and light presence in a dark and corrupt world? In “Living like a Lamb Among 21st Century Wolves,” my friend Paul Estabrooks explores the answers to these questions by closely examining God’s Word coupled with his vast experience serving persecuted Christians. The knowledge gained by walking with those who suffer for righteousness makes Paul the ideal person to help tackle the issues of faith under pressure. As Christians, we can live productive and successful lives here on earth by balancing grace and truth, a missing ingredient in practical discipleship. Thank you, Paul, for this timely and essential teaching.

Floyd A Brobbel – CEO – The Voice of the Martyrs Canada